Today has been awesome! Penelope woke up early…too early. Last night Zack and I decided it would be mega cute if we left Penelope’s door open and ours and see if she came into our room when she woke up. Cute bed head. Jammie-jams. A big smile to greet us. We were giggling thinking about how cute it would be. So on his last “rounds” of checking her before he went to bed, he left the doors wide open.
_MG_5803 (1)_MG_5804(1)_MG_5805 (1)
It worked! It was as cute as we’d imagined. Even cuter, actually, because she lied on top of me and cuddled for another 30 minutes.
_MG_5807 (1)_MG_5808 (1)
After I got up the gumption to draaag myself out of bed so early, Penelope and I prepared homemade waffles with nectarines and bananas on the side (half of which mysteriously disappeared before Daddy arrived at the scene). Breakfast was followed up with a nap for everyone, and we woke up just in time for lunch. Ha. We’re not usually so lazy.
We did, however, get out of the house and went SWIMMING! My favorite activity. Would’a could’a should’a been a fish.
_MG_5809 (1)
Our weekend (if goes as planned) will be spent putting the finishing touches on the house and getting Zack’s things ready for school. [We’re decoration his classrooms next week!!]
_MG_5810 (1)
Have a lovely weekend everyone- I probably won’t have another post this weekend, but a daily photo should still go up as the name implies.


  1. Those pictures of that angel did my heart some good! Super duper cute!

  2. They make my heart super happy too. I can't get enough of this girl.


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