Learning to Pray

Penelope keeps us in check with praying as a family, instead of to ourselves. She holds her hands out and waits for us all to hold hands and bow our heads, then (of course I peek, see so cute) she grins ear to ear and looks back and forth at all of our hands as if it’s the best moment of her day. Sometimes we pray twice for snack time, she’s that good! In an effort to get her more involved with prayer we are teaching her a simple prayer.
“ Kee-coo Dis [tongue movements to ‘I love you’] Meme.”
: : : translation : : :
“Thank you Jesus, I love you Amen.”
Followed by a big “proud” grin. I love it.
DSCF2627 (1)
I’m sure Jesus loves it even more.

Happy Wednesday.

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