I’m back!

Today was the first day since I left the hospital to bring Amelia home that I have used my camera! I missed it, and I could tell Penelope missed it too.
Right now I am watching Beauty and the Beast with Penelope on one side and Amelia on the other. I could get used to this. I am so grateful for how much Penelope loves her baby sister.
I am so ready for this weekend at home with Zack Penelope and Amelia for four whole days!! There will be LOTS of Thanksgiving festivities, followed by Christmas crafts, decorating, music, movies and baking beginning on Friday! I’m so excited! So excited in fact that I am ordering all of Zack’s Christmas presents and one of Penelope’s today.
We’re getting back into the swing of things!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. do i see some red hair on amelia? your girls are precious!!!

  2. Love the blog! So glad you're feeling better....just be careful! Put your feet up every chance you get!


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