We haven’t been up to much this week. Doctor’s appointments, working out a new routine, and new “school” activities for Penelope. Oh, and lots of tea parties, movies, and playing dress-up as well!

Penelope doesn’t have any educational movies, so we ordered her this GIGANTIC workbook for $28 and she LOVES IT!


Today I’ve been catching up on sermons I’ve missed. I used to watch them during Penelope’s naps but she wanted to join me today.


We had snacks, her drawing book, crayons and her baby of choice incase her attention wandered. She did very well and paid attention through most of the 50 minute sermon!


Amelia and Reese have been bonding over the last week as well. I think Amelia is at his favorite age of tiny human, Penelope is getting into the age he isn’t so fond of. 

Today and tomorrow will be filled with some much needed DEEP cleaning! I’m not looking forward to it, but it has to be done….

Well I’m off to fix a baby doll catastrophe Penelope is telling me about, Happy Thursday!




  1. Aww...Reese made friends with Amelia! And I love Pen's new hairdo!


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