A Short Visit

We had some friends stop by for lunch today. We never get tired of company in the shape of friends, and we certainly never get tired of eating at Country Bob’s CafĂ©! Man oh man is their food good!!
The rest of our day was…well, hmmm…
After we arrived home I went to walk around a local antique shop while the girls napped. I needed to get away, out of the house! I’m pretty sure I looked at every item in that place and made sure to walk extra s l o w. When I arrived home I decided to extend Zack’s break from…doing things? and invited Miss P. to join me at the not-so-local Walmarts for some window shopping.
Check out this sweet ride…
As you can see we scoped out some bike options for our Spring ‘13 bike purchase. She is so ready to ride her bike around town, but Mama is not ready to participate in cold weather outdoor activities with an infant in tow.
When we arrived home there was a good solid half hour of LOUD baby cries and what seemed like never ending, “Mommy hold you?”s.  Matter of fact I am hearing them now…
So, Penelope says some things a bit off: : :
gak –snack
botty -potty
belk –milk
cah- car
duece -juice
dips –chips
The list goes on------
(Ha! Okay, so I have to interject my own story to say that I have been trying to teach Penelope to say funny things like “boot-ae” instead of booty or butt, and she totally just said  “Book it baby!” – (which is another thing I say to her) to Zack on their way out the door to get some milk, oh excuse me…belk. I love that girl!)
anyway… as I was saying, Penelope says things a bit off and it seems impossible to fix this situation with anything but time, but Lord knows we are trying!! An example is a 4 minute long conversation between Zack and Penelope that occurred whilst the beautiful lady was in time out.
P – “Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. Mooomeeee… Mommy. Mommy. Mo-----“
Me – “What Penelope?”
P- “Gak?”
Z- “Can you say S s s n a c k?”
P- “Gak.”
Z- “No, S s s n a a a c k.”
P- “Gak.”
…3 mintues of this…then finally: : :
P- “Snack!”
Me- “Penelope, what is it you want to tell me?”
P- “Gak?”
Lord give us patience, lots and lots of patience…
Well, I have to attend to Miss Amelia now, somebody needs a hug! Also, Photo of the day is back up and running! (link is located on the sidebar).
Thanks for reading, happy weekend!


  1. I could use a gak right about now....and some Penelope & Amelia time would be nice, too.

  2. I could have sworn i had written this post.. my son is just like that. How old is P. D is 2.5.


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