Double boo-boos.


…and the rest of our Thursday.

Yesterday I wrote about A’s doctor appointment. It was the start of our long day. It is also where the first set of our boo-boos began.

Shots. Slowly. Both thighs. No fun. (Photo above was before the shots.)


Fresh new hairs. So soft.


We made a run to Walmart, after the doctor visit, to get A’s prescription and a jar or two of fruit for her new diet.


Later, the girls and I spent around an hour outside. It was so nice.


We also took a walk to pay the utility bill. This is where Penelope’s double boo-boos enter the story. She slipped and I was holding her hand, but had a drag-her-along-the-sidewalk approach to helping her up. Crazy Mommy. I didn’t get off easy, she made me carry her there and halfway back while pushing the stroller one handed. Punishment served in full.


Later at bath time she had a meltdown over these scrapes.

Before bath time we had more outdoor fun. Pie at the local diner and time at the playground with Daddy.



We let Penelope unwind after her traumatic time in the tub to the tune of Curious George episodes. That monkey stresses me out! He messes up EVERYTHING. Zack and I still had quite a bit to accomplish and didn’t make it to bed until well after midnight. As I said, it was quite a long day.

It’s the weekend! Time to recharge these batteries!


  1. Wish I was there to kiss all those boo boos!

  2. Lol, curious George messes everything up, I am cracking up Jade hehehe. Getting scraps and bruises is a rite of passage as a kid, if it's not from falling it's from skating, bicycles whatnot. She shall wear her battle scars with pride!


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