Dear Rae

Dear little Miss Rae,
Where would we be without you? Your smile greets us each morning, brightening our just another day. You smile at every word I say and every look I toss your way. What an esteem builder you are.
You agree with my “Never too many kisses” theory. I enjoy giving as much as you enjoy getting.
The way you suck on your bottom lip makes my heart giddy. This causes you too smile with your eyes, because Lord knows you cannot go two minutes without presenting the world with your glorious grin. No doubt a trait you inherited from your Vovo Sammy. From what I hear he gave the world a smile or two to hold on to. I’m glad the Lord is still finding ways for him to be a part of our lives, and what a better way than in a joyful beaming beauty like yourself?
You slid one knee forward yesterday. A slow yet triumphant attempt toward the crawling champion you will no doubt become. I somehow manage to love you more each day. Each day feeling it is impossible to love you more.
I love you Little Bit. Darling. Queen of smooches.

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