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Busy, busy, busy…busy. The good busy, not the stressful busy. Summer!

Here are some peaks of how we have welcomed this new season.


We went to the local outdoor pool for the first time this year. It was f r e e z i n g!!!! Worth it! We were four of the ten people crazy enough to show up on such a cool day. Penelope shivered the entire time, but insisted she was not ready to leave. Her Mama’s daughter. Made to live in water.

I should also note, we’ve been for a second time, yesterday, when it was 96 degrees, and we all came home with decent tans. :)


I had a thought one day…”Maybe Amelia would like to play in grass. There is plenty of texture and things to grab!”


She cried and cried.


Amelia now knows when a nap is coming. She cries as soon as we enter her room and clings to me for dear life. Poor sweet baby. She also cries the second she wakes up (half the time, the other half she is talking up a storm). I remember when Penelope was at this stage. No fun for Mama or Baby. Worth it in the end though. My girls can sleep. Boy oh boy can they sleep. As soon as she sees me and I pick her up she squeals and kicks with joy. Worth the struggle.


We took a walk next door to smell the flowers at the church.


She was making Amelia’s doll, cleverly named “Dollie,” walk.


She didn’t want to smell the flowers but Dollie did…


She wanted to continue our walk…in our bare feet. Barefoot, my favorite way to walk.


She picked a rock out for Daddy. :)


Now that Amelia can hold her own bottle she won’t let Mama help.

Oh, also, Penelope calls me “Mom-Mah.” now that I am desperately trying to get Amelia to say it. Gatta say I’m loving it. Her “Mama” sounds so sweet.


We took a just-for-fun drive and Penelope passed out immediately. Couldn’t pass up capturing sleepy girl.


Monday I asked Penelope what she would like to do for the day. She passed up the park, a walk, movies, and chose shopping! So I took her out for a “fancy” Taco Bell lunch and some window shopping at JC Penny. It was a great morning!


She is awesome! Such a silly silly girl. Think I might be heading back to purchase this hat for her for those afternoons at the pool and in our soon-to-be garden.

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  1. Love the shots of Penelope hammin' it up for the camera! Looks like a fun day!


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