Tuesday I decided to take the girls out to get a break from house work, and let them get some sunshine and fresh paint-fume free air. We went out for breakfast at 7 o’clock (It felt more along the lines of 3 AM to this tired Mama!).


Saucy face :)


One by one throughout the hour we spent eating our tiny breakfast, ten grandpa’s came up to say “Hello” to the girls, and then one my one made their way over to enjoy breakfast together, as I assume they do every morning.


Have to get that water……stretch…


Afterwards, we went to four, count ‘em four!, places to find some measly lemon grass. We, of course found them at a place two minutes from our house. It was a great day to explore, and I now know of three new nurseries! GO PLANTS!




Since we now have a yard (Hooray!!) and Penelope was so polite as I dragged her tiny hiney across town, we stopped by the store to let her pick out a new outdoor toy. As you can see she chose a golf club set. She is crazy about Uncle “Gweg”, and will now be prepared to play with him next time she sees him!

It took me two days to write this post! :) We are busy. We are exhausted. We are grateful to finally have a babysitter (Grandma Shari) and help (My brother, Joe and Megahn, and our friends Terra and Josh) this upcoming weekend! Hard to do so much with littles running around. Poor girls. It has been hard on them. I am sure a fun filled, action-packed, no nap weekend at Grandma’s won’t recharge their batteries, but hopefully we can get a lot done and they can rest all next week.

Also- Our new home has a peach tree, grapevines, and a raspberry bush!! This place just keeps getting better!!


  1. Looking forward to smooching those cute little faces!

  2. They're prepped and ready for some serious smoochin'! Penelope is so excited!!!!!


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