We spent Friday and Friday night in Tennessee. We have only stayed in a hotel when we have visited St. Simons Island (Hooray for welcoming family!!), so Penelope wasn’t sure what to think of it. She quickly found it amazing. A pool, fun breakfast, giant beds…what’s not to like.


We managed to spread a nine hour trip (from Missouri to our Tennessee destination) into a thirteen hour trip! Penelope is a pro-traveler, but we were concerned about how Amelia would take the news that she would have to be in a car seat so long. We set her up with a “big-girl seat” for the first time. She is so stinkin’ happy! She smiles constantly and giggles when we strap’er down! The girls haven’t complained once! Maybe by the time we head home they will have had enough. Amelia loves traveling as much as the rest of us – Halleluiah!


Zack found the bed within the first ten seconds of entering the hotel room…


…Penelope did too. :)

“Mommy, my sweepin’!!”


Amelia found fifty new things to climb on.


We spent the afternoon with my cousin, who the girls took to right away.


Amelia looking just like Daddy!


We went out for supper with my Aunt Nancy. Last time I saw her I was in middle school!


Penelope dancing on Anoria’s lap.


Amelia and her new best friend.

She has never taken to someone so quickly. Usually people at least get a good lookin’ over before she allows Mama to hand her off. She snuggled right away, lying her head on Aunt Nancy’s shoulder. Maybe because she is so much like Grandma Penny.


I awoke to Penelope tickling my back! Such a cutie. Amelia…not ready to get up. That is a tag from her pants (on her belly). It was quite a fight (Zack and I working together had trouble!) putting such snug fitting leggings on her, I wasn’t about to turn those bad boys around!

Now we are in Charlotte! I can’t wait to see more wonderful people!

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