It is now August, and we moved into our new home at the end of June, and we are just now enjoying it. From the moment we moved in, it has felt like ours. I have never had that feeling of “home” before. As soon as we moved in we began preparing it for a wedding, and then we took a long trip.

We have had autumn like weather here since our return and it has put me in a nesting / cooking three coarse meals / baking / cleaning mood!


I have been so thankful for things in my life these past two months. More so than usual. Here are a few from this week : :

New boots on freshly covered leech fields.

Along with a free-of-charge leveling of our yard, and pesky stumps pulled up just because people are nice : : While we were on vacation we had a leech field put in. The workers went above and beyond our expectations. Our yard is even more beautiful than before!


Freshly cut firewood and a fire place to use it in!


Antique xylophones, and headbands worn atop hats.


Discovering flowers I didn’t know we had.


Time to write blog posts.


Antique tea cans for a dollar and white plants (also a dollar) to fill them.


Make shift pencil cup and a matching plant to sit beside it.


Peach trees stocked with peaches almost ripe enough to pick.


…and last but obviously not least – Amelia’s first ponytail! She has inherited Mama’s “monkey” hair, and it can finally be tamed! The thankfulness on this particular one extends on over to me having a second child that will sit patiently while Mama messes with their mane!

Hope everyone has a wonderful, restful Sunday!


  1. Love and enjoy your posts. Blessings to you and your wonderful extended family.

  2. Thank you Sam! So glad you keep up with our family!

  3. A peach tree and first pony tails!?! Now that is exciting! I can't wait to see more pictures of the house, how are the girls adjusting to the new place?

  4. Beth, they really enjoy it! Amelia has so much crawling space and Penelope has endless place and types of places to play. They have seemed right at home from day 1. :)

  5. I'm so glad they adjusted well, I guess they knew as well that it was "home" what's the yard like, lotsa room?

  6. 3 acres :) More space than I personally know what to do with.


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