Amelia has been on the porch before, but never outside without Mama or Daddy holding her. There are two sets of stairs, so I was hesitant to let our lady roam.


I made sure she had a lot of distractions!


Books, instruments, and various toys did the trick for at least half an hour!


It was chilly so we brought out some (lukewarm) hot chocolate. Penelope called it her “coffee.” She carried it around taking sips here and there. Occasionally she would remember it sitting on a side table, and then run across the porch proclaiming, “I need my coffee.”


Chocolate mustache!


Chalk on chubby feet.


Some of you may have noticed P’s fresh bangs. After a few weeks of hearing, “Mama, you cut my hair?” and watching her sweep her hair out of her face, I had to trim that mess up! She is much happier now.


After a while, when the side stairs started looking appealing, we moved the party over to the swing.


Reaching for Penelope.


Walking better and better each day! Really, she could walk on her own, but she is scared to. She either grabs something or sits down.


Her favorite silly face lately.


Someone grabbed the “coffee”…illegally. Penelope was not amused.


I see you, Mommy!


I am so grateful for how well these two get along!  Amelia was so good, we’ll have to make it a regular playtime setting.

They both have a doctor appointment today. Penelope asked me multiple times yesterday if she could go to her doctors appointment. She really enjoys doctor visits. The doctor gives her a fake check-up when Amelia has a real one and she doesn’t. She’s cute.

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