Zack had quite a long time off from work (Tuesday-Sunday) last week. We really wanted to take a trip but we had a lot of work to do around the house. Thankfully Dylan came to visit, Saturday. Even a change as simple as a new face in the cabin helps relieve cabin fever!

We thought we would leave the messy house behind and take a drive to Springfield on Sunday. We watched a sermon as we piled on coats, hunted down shoes, dug through the heap of clean laundry for sippy cups, and tried to ignore the mountain of dirty dishes.


We were out the door by 8:30 and enjoyed a really nice two hour drive. When we arrived, we ended up driving around downtown and some stores we tend to visit, only to find them closed. Sunday. Bravo to these businesses for resting on the day of rest, but we should’ve thought ahead. Our first actual venture into a building, was for lunch at noon with Uncle Dylan who was gracious enough to spend the majority of his Sunday helping us chase our children (Lookin’ at you Mia!) around several stores.


Our hunt for shoes earlier that morning was a big fail when it came to Amelia. We found one boot. So, we thought we’d pick up some shoes while we were out. A baby in skinny jeans and high topsOh, mah goodness…


Penelope visited her first candy shop. She picked out a sucker for her and Amelia, which they ate as we strolled Best Buy. We couldn’t leave without going to the fishie store (Bass Pro), and restocking our candle supply. Penelope enjoyed the four wheelers, alligators, pony toys, elevators, and golf. Amelia enjoyed the view from the safety of the cart. ;)


We ate supper at the original Buckingham's across for Bass Pro. So good! The plate above was mine, although I didn’t eat the fries, and instead ate most of Zack’s okra. Sorry, Zack…kind of.

Amelia and I have colds. So hard to keep germs away from Penelope, I can’t believe she isn’t sick yet.  Our house smells like hand sanitizer and poor Mia had a Kleenex rash.

On a happy note, Zack is glad to be back at work today! Happy Monday!


  1. I lurve those high tops! Miss Penelly looks beyond herself happy in all the pictures she looks like she had a ball! The cold finally caught up to this family, it stinks being sick

  2. I hope you all feel better soon!!


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