Frozen. I could stop there, right? Penelope had every song memorized before it even came out on DVD. We have watched it three times since yesterday evening. We’ll watch it again before bed tonight.

I really enjoyed walking in on this ^ scene. Penelope had a nearly unraveled Elsa braid, and was fully concentrated on the movie as I made lunch. 


Oh, Amelia

Sure, her smile is beautiful and charming, but this is one of the few smiles she has had in just about two days. Her top molars are coming in and they are a booger. 


Penelope made a “ladder” out of magnets. She’s so creative.


Amelia had Penelope’s horse. Penelope took her horse back. Amelia cried. I gave Amelia Penelope’s car. Penelope wanted the car…yeesh


Penelope made her doll dance to the closing music of Frozen. She was so delicate and precise. :)


Someone (ahem, Mia) didn’t take an afternoon nap. So she got iPad time, threw books here and there, got to go outside on the deck, and chased a chicken.


The best part? Zack came home for lunch!!

Two more days until spring break! This, I believe, will be the first time we will not take a spring break trip in our nearly seven years of marriage. We also won’t be taking a trip this summer, which will be another first! If we decide to take a trip next Christmas, that too will be a first! Phew! I guess I should make it through Thursday first.

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