^  Playing hide-and-seek with Grandma  ^

Friday I had an appointment [which fell through],  so Zack’s mom came down to watch the girls. She brought Sadie, and the girls had a blast!!

image (4)

^  Waiting for Grandma  ^


Sadie made a kitty-cat-burrito-pillow. :)


We all know who Amelia couldn’t part from. She knows Grandparents are the best. Soft hugs, plenty of snuggles, kisses upon kisses, and they always say yes. Always.


The girls played some video games after lunch while Shari and I played “who can stay away the longest.” Sleepy weather days get to me.


I think Sadie needs to come down more often. Penelope really enjoyed have a playmate.

image (7)022

Saturday we spontaneously met up with my parents at Purina Farms. We had never been, but it was well worth the trip!


Penelope was so brave, and pet every animal she could reach! Totally had to check her dress for piglets, bunnies, our lambs that she may have been attempting to smuggle out.


Grandpa’s going to need more arms by the end of this month! Grandbaby number six is arriving soon, and I’m not sure how he’ll carry them all at the same time. You know he’s going to find a way…

You should see the looks Zack and I get anytime we walk around with all five kids. Lots of double takes. Lingering glances, adding up kids and doing the math with our young faces. Too funny.


Penelope and Samuel are pretty much the same person (since birth!). I can’t get enough of them holding hands and sticking side by side all the time. Samuel is very independent, until the moment Penelope is around.


We took a trip around the farm on a tractor ride. It’s such a beautiful place!


After the farm we stopped by a new-to-us Lowes. Typically, we are Home Depot people (When one is around), but this Lowes was amazing! The girls loved the car carts, of course! We didn’t make it home until seven thirty. It was a really great day!

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