We have had a fun start to our week! The end will involve LOTS of cleaning, and will be topped off with visit from Grandma Shari! Whoop! Whoop!

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Ploppy asked for bangs, and voilĂ ! I’m really glad, I missed them!


Sunday, after church we took a trip to the hardware store / / We also went out for lunch. A rare thing for us. / / Penelope and I watched a movie in Mama’s bed, stalling Penelope’s bedtime – Mama’s doing :) / / It was finally warm enough here on Sunday for the plants to get fresh air and sunshine!

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Amelia accomplished something calmly and was very proud of herself. She patiently lined up her toys, one by one.

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Penelope and I had a Bible study on the porch Monday morning, instead of our usual meeting place on the couch. It was just warm enough and breezy enough to be magical. The wind chime, dark clouds, and blankets helped with ambiance. Afterwards, Uncle Ben called and she told him all about the nearly-here storm, about her Sunday school class, and about her morning.


Penelope pushing Amelia, Amelia trying to grab Maple. Joy. They make me so happy!


We ended our Sunday evening with donuts. Lots of donuts. Another rare scene for us, but a nice way to end a long day full of hard work.


Tuesday, the girls and I were able to use the car for a day of fun. We even stopped by to have lunch with Zack! After school we took a trip to the library in the rain. Penelope doesn’t get many chances to use her “brella.” She was really really really excited about it.

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