The day after my last post, Heat, it became cold again. Go figure. We took a trip last weekend, and spent four of the five week days inside wearing coats, cleaning, and fighting colds. Friday, however, the warmth returned!


We have been doing crafts each morning after breakfast, per P’s request. I think it is just what we need. While they finish up, I usually clean up breakfast, just in time to hang their masterpieces on the already-fully-covered fridge. Friday we even made magnets for the fridge!

We have also been juicing – a lot! They will drink anything, and Penelope usually asks for more! Purely fruits and vegetables – but mostly vegetables. I am so so grateful for good eaters!!


We took advantage when a smidge of warmish weather was blowing by, after Zack arrived home one evening. It was worth it. Come to think of it, I haven’t regretted any spontaneous decision Zack and I have made. Maybe because they are usually along the lines of – “Let’s go to the park!” and not so much, “Lets buy a car we don’t need, but find attractive!”

We found a hill covered in yellow flowers, Zack sang “The hills are alive, with the sound of music…” as he escorted the girls up a hill, and we fed some fish!


Our bed has been the area of choice lately. I’m not sure why. By lunch time the sheets are a jumbled, the bed is covered in books, and the girls are all giggled out (Does a girl ever fully run out of giggles?). I have come to enjoy our mornings in a whole new way the past couple of weeks.

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When warm weather shows up we sprint for the door! We even eat breakfast on the deck, if it is just the teensiest bit warm. We certainly eat lunch and supper outside! We scour the yard searching for new flowers, and rocks (of course!). We swing, draw with chalk, take turns in the hammock, ride bikes around the yard, and check up on our plants. I love my little doers!

Sunscreen, sunhats, and sandals have become our favorite things. School work has become hit or miss lately, but I am a-okay with that. Just bring us sunshine and their won’t be a frown in sight!

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