This morning I woke up determined. Determined to do something out of the ordinary with the girls. I have been thinking of taking them to the river for nearly two weeks now. Things come up, weather gets cold – but not today!!


We had the place all to ourselves! My kind of outing. Peaceful and quiet. The only sound for miles was that of the girl’s giggles. Perfect.


I had every intention of the girls getting dirty, but that’s no reason not to dress up, right?


My glow in the dark feet. The only photo of me. :) I forgot my rain boots so we didn’t explore too far.


Gnats. They are everywhere now. They really put a damper on things…


They spent the entire morning tossing rocks in the river. ^  This face made the soggy clothes and dirty noses worth it! After the river, I took the girls out to lunch! Rare things all around today. We spent an hour, taking our time eating. It was lovely.

We’ll definitely head back to the river again soon! – Maybe in swim suits next time :)


  1. Look at your River Beauties!!! I am so ready for this warm weather, bundled up all winter with Madam made me sad, now we are wearing sandals and frolicking in the sun (with lots of sun screen, she got Bill's skin sigh lol)

  2. Poor thing! SO grateful my girls received my sun-loving skin! Good thing about girls is, they sure do love to frolic. SUMMER!!


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