I have not felt well for the entire month of July, but this past week has been rough. So, when I could get up and move around, I decided to find things I was grateful for.

So,  I’ll start this off with - plants that don’t die! I’m sure some people call this a green thumb, but I have no idea what I’m doing right.


For breakfast with my ladies before the sun comes up and the good conversations that come with it.


For remembering to grab dish soap at the store so I can unwind while washing dishes. My favorite way to relax before bed.


For surprise flowers in the yard that live for weeks in a vase and smell amazing.


For daughters who appreciate tree stumps and take advantage of nature’s playground.


For fresh hay in the coop and children who don’t mind responsibility.


For hard working husbands and happy hens.


For dogs that don’t mind cats, and cats that don’t mind Penelopes.

I’m feeling better, as I write this on Tuesday morning. I’m praying this feeling sticks around and the not-so-good feeling doesn’t find its way back!

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