After Zack being busy all summer and the girls and I sitting around like a bump on a log, it has been nice to be involved in a busy week!


Zack began painting a wall for the church youth area a few days ago. The girls and I decided to tag along –cabin fever!


Penelope and I made cobbler the other day. Zack was kind enough to take photos, and Penelope was kind enough to wash the dishes with her tongue. :)


^  This moment!!!  ^

I snuck past them, while they were having a conversation, and I am so glad I did. They didn’t even notice I was there. After I took the photo I sat there, in the dark bathroom, and soaked it all in. 


Cookin’ Playdoh and watching Toy Story 2 – because Jesse is silly. :)


Sheriff Ploppy bustin’ a move at the supper table. Woop woop!

Tonight we have open house at Penelope’s preschool! I am so nervous, Penelope is so excited. If she is nervous on the first day of preschool, I may just swoop her up and sprint right on out’a there!!! Knowing I will homeschool is the only thing that will make our hour and a half a part okay. 

(Hooray for another thing to keep us busy! – but not too busy :)  )

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