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We decided to try something old and something new yesterday. Tennis.

Zack used to play in high school, and I have never been good, or tried to be, but always loved the game. Two years in this town and I have never seen anyone using this tennis court. So, we clamed it. :)

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We will definitely be coming back here. A lot! Since there is a good chance I will be homeschooling, we may have to create our own tennis team. Penelope and Amelia can play each other for every match. :)

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I played barefoot. Boots aren’t exactly great for sports…

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Amelia was Daddy’s “caddy.” She was so helpful and traveled all over the court for our (Mommy’s) lost balls. She would only return them to Daddy, and then marched off to find more. :)


It was nice to brush the dust off our tennis equipment and break it back in. I am so glad we are able to teach our girls new skills, or at least hobbies – if they take after their mother. :)

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