What a busy couple of weeks (make that a busy month) we’ve had. Non-stop. Party preparation, party, new babysitting job, allergies, preschool, bathroom construction, regular to-do’s and Zack working 6 days a week. It’s been rough.


We had 5 spills before P’s party started. :)


^  Coaster skates!  ^


We had our first fire of the season at Penelope’s party!


Of course, it was a “Frozen” themed party. :)


While Penelope has been at preschool, Amelia and I have had lazy drawing time / reading several books to fill an hour. Windows open, candles lit, soft music playing. It has been our only down time. It’s been wonderful.


Those moves. Moves accompanied by loud singing. Songs she makes up as she goes. I’ll never tire of it. 


Since I have begun babysitting three days a week, Penelope has not been homeschooled. I regret it each day it is pushed aside. Yesterday I pushed everything else  aside and spent quality time teaching my precious, eager four year old. I felt full.


We spent 25 minutes of the morning watching “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” in my room. Ignoring any to-do list my female mind wanted to come up with.

^  I can’t bring myself to wipe off those finger prints on the mirror.  ^


I finally cleared the gift bags and bits of birthday packages off my desk (a.k.a. – the gift table)!

Little victory, big sigh of accomplishment.


Black Beauty found a new favorite begging spot. Sorry, buddy, you still can’t come in.


My helper. That face. I honestly cannot get enough of it.

Constant rainy days have been fitting of our moods. Not that we are gloomy, we are in a nesting-hibernate-read for hours-live in our pajamas-make up songs and sing them as loud as we can mood. I’m not ready for the sun to get in the way of such greatness. Long-johns, wool socks, hoodies, and the brightest lipstick we can find. Cider candles. Crock pot meals daily. No excuse to skip a chance to have a dance party in the bathroom while our freshly lacquered nails dry. Magic.

We are going to see our college besties this weekend for my birthday!! I am going to enjoy every second I have left of year 26.

I have no idea when I will blog again, but hopefully it will be soon!!  A week away was weird.

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