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Because enough hasn’t been said about snow in the past few days…

Our story, however, doesn’t involve traveling in it, bearing it, enduring it. We have been cozied up in our cabin, enjoying a constant fire going in the wood stove, movies atop movies, and the occasional trek to the backyard for a snowball fight – only coming in when we can no longer feel our fingers, our cheeks have reached max rosiness, and Amelia has fallen no less than 36 times.

Zack has been off for a total of three school days now. Last week he had workshops of sorts, so he hasn’t seen his students in 8 days! We thought for sure he would be back at work today but I suppose its too cold and back roads are still icy. The ladies and I sure aren’t complaining!

Today involves projects and more projects, with a possible trip to grab some paint rollers. Right now I am typing by the fire, and can’t see myself moving too far in the near future!

Hope everyone else surrounded by snow gets to enjoy it a little before it goes (More coming this weekend!).

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