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It rained all weekend here. Naturally, I fought the urge to crawl in bed and sleep away my days. We managed to work all weekend and make head way in quite a few projects, and deep cleaned (most of) the house.

^  She is drawing Mommy and Daddy hugging and Penelope and Amelia hugging. :) She is getting so good at drawing!!

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This lady ^ ^ ^ made mac and cheese with hotdogs start to finish all by herself!!! I’m so proud of her! I didn’t even supervise, in fact I wasn’t even in the room.

We also made apple fritters from scratch, and ended the weekend with some pizza that involved a new crust recipe.


There is evidence of on going projects all around the house. Someday we may just finish one!

Zack is putting a cedar tree in the new coop for the hens to perch on! Right now it is nearly the size of our porch. He’s so creative. We sat on the porch during a downpour of rain and pealed of some bark. Well, I watched Zack from the comfort of the porch swing while he peeled some bark off of the tree. Moral support. :)

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