In my typical fashion, I abandoned laundry (but did the dishes!) and took the girls out. This time it was for location scouting, but I ended up just taking [a million] photos of my girls enjoying themselves on the trails.


Miss independent. In her own little big world.


Last Saturday the girls and I took and day trip to get the girls summer clothes (and of course  accessories!!). We picked up my mom and made it even more fun of an outing! Penelope chose dresses over shorts, and I am LOVING the choices we made!


She saw a “money.” By that I’m sure she meant a large bird. :)


Oh! The hand holding…


At trial number two we had a picnic! We started out at the picnic table, but the wind picked up and we polished lunch off in the back of the van.


We had a little shoot on the railroad tracks, and Penelope scored a rock on her way back to the car. Amelia did a face plant, and scraped her arms and hands pretty bad, so we cut our trip short. Well, we were 2+ hours into our outing, but only walked one of the three trails we intended to.

No doubt on the next sunny day we’ll finish those trails! I’m so grateful I can stay home with these beauties!!

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