This afternoon the girls and I went exploring. A favorite activity of ours. We make use of our three acres, and always find something new. The girls spared no expense in their wardrobe - there is always some kind of flare with these ladies. 

 We found an exotic flamingo wandering through the hollyhock patch.

 Penelope brought along some craft pom poms. I don’t remember what she said they were, but it was something special and very important for our adventure. :)

How she always manages to appear as though she is wearing lipstick I’ll never know.
 Amelia wanted to take a picture so we used her toy as a prop. She was thrilled with the photo, but not with the bit of dirt that was on it afterward.

 We ended our journey with a chase. Rosie is such a good sport.
Afterward, we filled up our pool for the first time this year! I’m so glad heat finally showed up!!

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