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This afternoon the girls and I went exploring. A favorite activity of ours. We make use of our three acres, and always find something new. The girls spared no expense in their wardrobe - there is always some kind of flare with these ladies. 

 We found an exotic flamingo wandering through the hollyhock patch.

 Penelope brought along some craft pom poms. I don’t remember what she said they were, but it was something special and very important for our adventure. :)

How she always manages to appear as though she is wearing lipstick I’ll never know.
 Amelia wanted to take a picture so we used her toy as a prop. She was thrilled with the photo, but not with the bit of dirt that was on it afterward.

 We ended our journey with a chase. Rosie is such a good sport.
Afterward, we filled up our pool for the first time this year! I’m so glad heat finally showed up!!




Zack’s first day of summer vacation starts tomorrow!! His mom is coming down to celebrate with us, and weather permitting, we’ll top off the first weekend of summer of with some camping! I am SO SO SO excited about Zack not having a summer job this year. I’m sure we will be doing a lot of work around here, but he will get to spend just about 3 months together without schedules!

I hope everyone has a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

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