Bearded Baby

Zack is home again today, and it has been wonderful! The little Miss and I made blueberry muffins this morning for breakfast, and watched the horrible news on the Aurora shooting (not a wonderful part of the day). So sad. So unnecessary.
IMG_7278 IMG_7280
When Daddy woke up, I made a mad dash for the shower after setting Penelope up with popcorn and cartoons next to him on the couch.
When I let Reese out this morning to go potty, it was…CHILLY! It was in the 60s! The high today, they say, is 92, what a great day to be outside. Cloudy, breezy, and just a tad on the hot side…so, warm I guess is the word. Yeah. That’s it. Warm.
Penelope was eager to go outside, and chose bubbles as her activity of choice. So. Much. Fun! Shivering, soaking wet baby girl- determined not to give in to the cold from the hose water Daddy was spraying her down with.
And the winning photo is : : :
I love it! I couldn’t stop laughing when I began flipping through the group, deciding which photos to edit. Hilarious, adorable girl.
Not sure what we’ll do after her nap, but hopefully it will be outside!


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