Day with Daddy

Zack ended up taking the later part of his work day off, do to not having enough work to do. He will be off tomorrow as well (yay!) so hopefully we can do something enjoyable despite the heat. Today we did a pretty good job of filling our time with activities indoors.
As you can see, our first stop was getting new books from the library. Once again Penelope owned that place, said “Hi!” and “Bye!” to anyone and everyone she passed, picked out books with tedious decision making skills, and handed the lady at the counter her library card and each book. Once they were checked out, however, she proceeded to raise them up to the “drop box” for returns, since we had done that when we arrived. Luckily I saw her and stopped her, she is just too smart, that one.
Watching a girl asking [begging] her mom repeatedly for Starbursts from the “nearest” gas station.
I mean, really, how cute is this picture??? Best Buds for Life!

Next we went to the South County Mall, which was great, and we got tons of walking type exercise. We ate supper and Zack got me some super comfy flip flops for my swollen pregger feet.

Pretty awesome day!


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