Rain Dance

This morning it was cooler than usual, and looked as though it could rain, so we laced up our rain boots and flip flops, stocked our wagon with water (incase we became stranded in the desert that is now St. Peters) and Bea (Penelope’s doll), and began our journey to the stop sign.
If we don’t see rain by lunch time, the radio will be a’blarin’ throughout the cul-de-sac and a rain dance will commence in the the driveway! This will of course bring a flood (Penelope’s dance moves are, after all, the best in the land) and we will be jumping in puddles before supper.
Hopefully there will be thunder and lightning and we can enjoy it by watching a movie and eating popcorn before bed! I love family movie nights complete with pajamas and food we should not be eating any time of day, much less before bed.
For now we will relax indoors with what will surely be a morning of reading “bookies” over and over…and over. Maybe its time for another trip to the Library.
Zack works 8-4 today and tomorrow, then two 12 hour days to fill his weekend. Monday he heads down to St. James for school paperwork, then back up here to clean and finalize getting all of our stuff to the new place. Just bits and pieces left to go, I find that to be the hardest part.



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