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Penelope has totally adapted to her new room; the big girl bed, sunshine in the morning, toys and crafts, books galore! (her favorite part), and old familiar things, like Raggedy Ann.

Sorry for the no-so-good photos today, I ran around taking photos (with no desire to make sure the lighting was good) out of fear I’d forget to before we headed back to St. Peters.
Penelope blossomed in a way while we were at our new place. She has become more fearless, creative, energetic, patient, and has begun to say more words, and has not been afraid to try and say new words, whereas before she would seem bashful. Not sure what actually got her into this new swing of things, but I’m enjoying it.
She has more books than this…. some were on the floor, we have a basket of books in the living room, some in the car, (she is now pointing at the screen, saying “Bookie! bookie!”) and three books in the bathroom.
The lighting I mentioned before—well, an example, her sheets are a crisp white with pink roses, not pale blue with red roses…oh well. you get the idea, right?
_MG_4878 (1)
More features of her room will be displayed throughout everyday posts, but here are some of her enjoying her recliner her and Daddy sit in for bedtime stories, which is also new to her.
Happy Monday!


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