Out to Lunch

photo (2)
Zack has three days off, although day one is closing in, until he works 8 whole 12 hour days in a row! Yikes! So we took his mom out to lunch to give her a break from work, and to get us out of the house. Penelope enjoyed coloring her menu, and it was too cute to pass up, so I took some quick photos with Zack’s phone…
photo (1)
Penelope having her hand traced.
photo (3)photo (4)
I have been working on “improvements” to the blog, actually taking the time to work out tiny details, instead of having basic, “blah,” links and such. Zack is making supper, and Penelope is avoiding watching Charlotte’s Web by running laps around the island in Grandma Shooie’s kitchen. Whatever works.
Also, for those who don’t have Facebook, or don’t follow me on Facebook, We have decided against the Name Olive Elsie for our new baby girl- although we still love the name- and are holding off on letting people know the new name until she arrives in November.
Back to blog editing… be back soon.

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