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Penelope has quite a great day. She woke up at 10:00 this morning (that’s 14 hours of sleep, for those who are counting), followed by cereal and and a bowl of fruit. Zack was working on a project, so I decided to get the little Miss out  of the house and into another air conditioned building.
Jump ahead half an hour and we have her Lego wagon loaded into the van, sunglasses on our faces, music a’playing and we were OFF to the Library!!!
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She was in heaven! Books to the left! Books to the right! I was surprised to see her tediously select which books made it into her wagon. What a fiiiine selection it is! She also picked out a movie on our way to check out- Yogi Bear – ( I was surprised, but she was sure about it), and strolled up to the counter like she owned the place (and, lets be honest, she does…) stretched to place her merchandise on the counter, wait to be lifted to hand the kind woman “her” library card, and graciously gave a southern-drawn “Byyye” before strutting out the front door with her sunglasses on.
They really do grow up too fast.
We will definitely be returning for many more outings to the library. The library in St. James is even on our street, four blocks down! I see lots of Autumn strolls to the Library in our future.


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  1. I love, love, love that you captured her little feet on tippy-toe as she reached for something.


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