Quite a Full Day

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We had, as you can tell from the title, quite a full day. It wasn’t full because we got a lot done, more full of big outings. My sister invited us to go with her and my parents to Chuck E Cheese for lunch, which turned out to be a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Penelope had a blast!
Afterward we came home and Miss Penelope took a good long nap while I cleaned my camera, and finished cleaning things up on the computer, and Zack did yard work in the hot hot heat.
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We needed things from the store (Zack is baking a cake for work tomorrow, his coworkers are throwing him a farewell pot luck to celebrate his last week at MEMC.), so the three of us made a trip to Walmart- picking up more than we initially had in mind, like spray paint, crackers.
We had spaghetti, a DELICIOUS salad, pumpernickel bread and oatmeal raisin cookies. Now on to a relaxing evening on The Pacific with Zack after Penelope’s bath. Going to be a good night, hope you all have a happy Sunday!


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