A Day Inside

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Its going to get up to 100 degrees today. Penelope and I will be spending our day inside the house.
It started with Cheerios and banana bread for breakfast, followed by coloring. As I type Penelope is crying in time-out. Suddenly not so relaxing. Hopefully the rest of the day goes well without more crying. Zack is coming home for lunch since he won’t be home tonight. He is going bowling with friends from work. Girls night!
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Zack was supposed to work eight 12 hour days in a row this week, but managed to cut Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday down to 8 hours. That’s a total of one less day!
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Sunday after Zack gets off work, we’ll be heading back to St. James to make our move official! We have “loose ends to tie-up” here before that day comes. Odds and ends to pack up…or throw out.
Today, we’re going to clean clean clean! Shari has company coming tomorrow night. Maybe tomorrow we’ll spend the day outside of the house, hot or not, so it stays clean.
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Well Miss Penelope is dancing to the Backyardigans, baby #2 is kicking up a storm, now seems like a good time to clean.
Hope all of your Tuesdays go well!

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