Doctors Visit

What a day, what a day. I awoke to the giggles of a little darling who had crept into my room after Daddy went to work. 6:55 a.m. mind you. I couldn’t be mad- it was the best way I could’ve been jerked out of a deep slumber. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning at ten o’ clock, and planned to leave by nine. She has been waking up at eight, so I had not planned for the extra time this morning.
A train bustled loudly through town, which is why she woke up when she did.
Anyway…. back to killing time, She watched her “baby movie” (Charlie Brown’s Christmas) after breakfast and we still had over an hour before we had to leave. Upon spotting the swing in the Elementary school playground “Weee!” is the only thing she seemed interested in. We loaded up the diaper bag with plenty of snacks, an extra pair of underwear (for her, not me), three books, my handy camera, phone, etc. and set off for the park.
We managed to get in 10 minutes of swinging before I hear “potty?” She saw the public restroom straight ahead, but for some reason I always think there are creepy men lying in wait for desperate ladies in need of a potty. Not happening. So, we went home to use the potty. A one minute drive is hardly out of the way and she is a champ at “holding it.”
IMG_6986 IMG_6987
Reese acted like we had been gone for two days- 20 minutes? Really Reese? At least he wasn’t disappointed to see us I guess.
We left for the doctor at nine, arriving 45 minutes before my appointment. No harm done, between putting our new insurance into the computer, and all of the other pre-doctor things we had to do, it worked out for the best. Penelope was awesome, everyone was smitten. Nurses peeked over corners, and some even came to our room just to get a peek at her tiny bun, sparkly shoes, and to sigh at her delicate wave Hello.
My doctor gets dumber every time I see him. Lets hope he know how to perform surgery without any trouble. That’s enough about him. I vented to my mom about it, so I am over it…mostly.
He asked if I had a sugar test done yet – nope. No I haven’t. Guess where we went next! Downstairs to the lab for another hour. The nurses there were just as great, the sugar stuff wasn’t bad- way better than the stuff I took with Penelope- and the hour went fairly quickly. Penelope, however, was restless. I can’t blame her. So so glad I remembered snacks and books at this point. She talked to Grandma Penny on the phone, but was not the usual chipper talkative girl she usually is with my mom. My mom could tell she was tired through the phone, and at that point the minutes seemed to go backwards.
We got through it, no potty accidents, all snacks were eaten, books read numerous times, no fits, and everyone we met was super nice, making it a great morning.
When we arrived home she knew Daddy would be home for lunch and could not find that sleepiness that consumed her earlier, so once Daddy left we gave a nap another try. Second time was the charm. We ( I ) had just enough time once we woke up to cook supper. Now Penelope is at work with Daddy at the elementary school, and I have a heap of dishes to do.
Almost the weekend!! We plan on taking family photos this Saturday! I love family days.
Happy Thursday!

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