Exploring Independence

Last night I decided today would be a television-free day for Penelope, and that we would just listen to music, giving her time to explore her independence and creativity. It is not quite ten o’clock and she has already “read” five books, had a dance party with her bath baby, filled a basket with tubs of Playdo, and lugged it into the living room and is now playing by herself with the Playdo on the coffee table.  She also picked out her own outfit- although her first choice was footed winter pajamas, which she isn’t tall enough for.
Looking like Aunt Sarah
I have received at least twenty kisses and two “I love you”s!
I have had time to have a cuddle-fest in bed with Penelope before breakfast, hand wash a load of dishes, put on a load of laundry, and get dressed in under five minutes! Oh, and write this post :)
These photos were taken in while Reese was going potty, but I do plan on spending time outside, playing in bubbles, swinging, and painting.
I plan to have the majorities of our days spent this way until the baby comes, to help me out during recovery.
Hearing a choo-choo in the distance
Lets hope the rest of this day goes as smoothly. Off to switch over that laundry…

Happy FRIDAY!!!!!



  1. My favorite is the one where she looks like Aunt Sarah. She had a smocked dress when she was about Penelope's size. Somehow the years fly by---so glad you're enjoying your little girl while she's still little!

  2. She looks more like her everyday. :) I am so so glad I get to spend all of my time with her.

  3. I love that she looks like me at times!! :)


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