I. Love. This. Man.

I never could’ve imagined that I would’ve met the love of my life in high school. There he was. I did not have that –WOW! – moment, I had a, I am going to marry him, moment in my head as I saw him walking the halls one morning, and brushed it off (because, well it was high school). I just knew. We did not talk much that first year of knowing each other, we did not have classes together. The first day of senior year he asked me to go see a movie with him. Just to show you that this was God’s decision and not my own- I didn’t even notice his vibrant orange hair until much later and I didn’t pay attention to his “style” which seem to be normal things to take note of, right? I knew his humor, interests, smells (not in a weird way…I can’t smell many things, so some things stand out in my memory), and how wonderful he was to his Mom – and me.
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We dated for two years before making a decision to get married. It felt like a no-brainer. No hesitation or nerves a’flutter. It just was. Sounds unromantic and boring, no proposal, no ring, no over-the-top story. We just knew. Three months later we were OFFICIALLY inseparable!
Over the next two and half years we grew closer and more as one, in our interests, goals, and dreams.
We found out we were having our first child (which was a decision, not a ‘surprise’) and began an even bigger journey together. It just keeps getting better in my eyes, and looking back on those high school days, I really could not have imagined this.
Just as I am feeling frumpy, unattractive, undesirable, like I could use some make-up, and my hair is gross… He walks my way and drops a “You’re beautiful.” or a “Daaang girl!” and wraps his arms around me tightly making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. [and the luckiest]
I never go a day without hearing “I love you.” multiple times.
He listens to my advice and takes it to heart. I am blessed to have a man who values my words regardless of how deep or silly they may be.
He values God’s instruction over mine.
As a Dad : :
My heart fills with joy and my eyes with tears when I hear him from across the house sing each bedtime story to our daughter, taking the time to make note of both the dramatic and silly parts as he goes.
Stern enough and playful enough. She shrieks with excitement when he enters a room and talks about him constantly when he is not with her.
He takes the time to show interest in the things she shows him and teaches her the proper way to do things (hold a crayon or spoon, wipe the table, put her shoes on, put her books correctly on the shelf, etc.).
The Man: :
He is a man who is not above washing dishes, putting away laundry, or scrubbing the kitchen floor.
A man who sees something needs to be done and does it without a thought of “Ugh, maybe later…” (or does it despite that thought)
A man who never loses his desire to learn.
He has an awesome sense of adventure!
If our car needs fixing, he’ll find out how to fix it. Computer broken? He’ll take it apart to fix it.
Always eager to help someone when they ask, even if it means giving up his free time.
A man who cooks (well!) and sticks around to clean up his mess.
A husband who always thinks of me before himself.
Spontaneous foot rubs.
Brings me my favorite treats when he makes a run to the store.
Always gives me the perfect gifts – which shows he knows me well and takes the time to.
He is awesome.
I. Love. This. Man.


  1. Beautiful post. It made me cry.

  2. He's definitely one of my faves! :)

  3. I totally can't help but remember him in high school behind the glass casing posing like he was part of the art pieces he was putting in them. Ah, you were just so smitten by him and couldn't stop taking about how much you liked him. You two are a perfect match and I am so glad to know you both!


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