Taking Over

Pretty soon I think Penelope will be taking over the blog. She knows more about her adventures than I do, after all. However, I should warn - all that will be on the blog, should I do that, would be random photos of babies. Lots of babies.
Just kidding. Obviously. She is actually not even allowed (with the rare exception – see above) to touch the computer – or any technology, and a good portion of my day is speaking the words – "Don’t touch that!” -  Computer, phones, camera, television, remotes, etc. I will not be one of those parents getting my kid a cell phone before they can drive. Even then it will be only for emergencies. Wow, not sure how this became about my parenting preferences…
This week Penelope has been a even mix of independent and needy. She has been doing pretty good with spending her time playing with her babies, looking through books, putting together puzzles, tossing balls and chasing them…but after her nap she wants me to spend every second with her – which is when I need to cook and get things in order for the evening, so that things go smoothly when Zack gets home.
I’m not sure what to expect when I get farther along in the pregnancy or after I have the baby. I hope Penelope still feels loved, needed, adored, and welcome once the baby arrives. The closer I get to delivering the less worried I become about the recovery or how much sleep I will be getting, and more about making sure both girls feel all of the love I have for them. I don’t want Penelope to feel like I have a new favorite, just that I love them equally.
I know she will LOVE being a big sister, and a helper to Mama. I’m sure Daddy-time will become even more exciting – or maybe one-on-one time with me will be something she comes to treasure more. I am at least so so grateful I am able to be a stay-at-home Mama, and spend all of my time focused on loving them!
Today will be spent (HOPEFULLY!) deep cleaning the entire apartment, I feel as though cleaning is never ever done. I am praying Penelope will be in a helpful mood and will enjoy wiping tables and sweeping floors, and not distraught that we don’t have time to do “fun” things. She typically loves cleaning but becomes upset when it is time to put away brooms, scrub brushes, or bring out the vacuum. We’ll see I guess…
Thanks for reading!!
Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

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  1. She's SO cute sitting at the computer with headphones on...like she really has technology all figured out!


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