Upcoming Weekend

This weekend we are headed to St. Peters! A one day quick visit has turned into three! We are going up Saturday – hopefully in the morning – then Leo’s (my nephew) birthday is Sunday – he’s two! – and Monday I have my first official photo shoot in over a year!
I can’t believe Leo’s birthday is already here! That means I have a month until Penelope’s! Eek! I better get on those party plans… Can you guess what the theme is? Anyone? “Birds!”- or rather Rio. Brasillian food, drinks, music, and (if I can find any) bird decorations. We know which park we want it at, but I have yet to make an effort to call for a price/ availability- but I’m doing good otherwise, right? I didn’t think she would be choosing her own theme at such a young age, and she kept going back and forth between Birds and Cars, but has recently just chosen Birds. Birds it is! Guess I should make those reservations so I can get out invites…
I have had two senior photo sessions, and a wedding- but I have yet to photograph twins, newborns, or a family (aside from my siblings, Penelope, and my own) - Monday will change that!! I’m so excited!
More cleaning today, hopefully a nap, NO Rio today (for my sanity), and watercolor painting for Penelope. Maybe some packing…maybe.
Have a great Thursday!


  1. PaPa Kevin will be so proud that she picked a Brazilian theme!

  2. I think so- He'll have to help with food and music :)


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