Weekend and Today

This past weekend Zack, Miss P. and I took a trip to see family. My nephew’s second birthday was Sunday – which was the main reason we went up, he had an awesome party at Chuck E Cheese. Penelope loved it!

My brother-in-law’s birthday was also that weekend, so we spent almost two days with my nephew and niece, while my mother-in-law babysat. (Who, by the way, are growing up way too fast.) Penelope loves her cousin Logan, can’t get enough hugs from that boy.
I also had two photo shoots Monday.  A full family photo shoot for Zack’s Uncle Mark’s family, and of his two new grand-daughters. My first family shoot and newborn shoot! The practice is definitely eye-opening! (and appreciated!)
Today : : :
Lets just say, I feel the weekend in my bones. When I was on bed rest for three months with Penelope, my hip area became very sore – painful! – I’m sure my previous pelvic fracture didn’t help matters, anyway, I have felt that pain this entire pregnancy. I feel silly waddling around being so tiny, but pinched joints and sore tail bones prevent me from moving naturally sometimes… Today I am taking it easy.
I had planned on doing laundry, but the thought of lugging a full laundry basket to the laundry room just doesn’t sound appealing. So, no chores today. Last night Zack and I plowed through unloading the car, unpacking, cleaning bits and pieces of the house we neglected in our pre-trip cleaning, and got ready for our day today- me with organizing photos to edit, and him with preparing Kindergarten assignments and getting a hair cut.

This morning Penelope and I spent some time on the porch while the weather was nice, and she began watching Cars, but has since worked her way back to playing alone in her room.
I am not sure what the rest of the day entails past lunch with Zack and an afternoon nap but it will be relaxing, if I have anything to do with it!!
The photo of the day goes along with these above, so hop on over if you just can’t live without one more photo of this sweet Miss P.!


  1. Oh Jade, you are so sweet! How sorry I am that you are sore. You should have let us pick you up at the gazebo, after all, we changed the plans :/ Thank you, thank you for the time and effort you put in to taking out pictures yesterday. Curious, did you use the macro in the last pic in this blog?

  2. I actually used a wide lens (same as the other photos)I'm surprised it came out as it did! It is fine about the walk from the gazebo, I wasn't sore then. :) Thanks for the comment! Your family is lovely, I would do it again if you asked.

  3. I am SO glad you came up for a visit! Fun!


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