Autumn and a Big Girl

Yesterday I had a doctor appointment. Nothing new to report. Penelope was awesome though! Pleasant and cute as could be. She was very playful and, as always, intrigued by the sound of her sisters heart beat. 
Afterwards we had to do some quick grocery shopping before heading home to make lunch. As you can tell, our days haven’t been so…interesting, hence the neglect of the blog the past few days. We have been taking it easy-until tonight that is.
Today I wasn’t feeling to well, maybe the baby it going through a growth spurt? but after my nap I was feeling much better, which was good because I had some intense cleaning ahead of me! Zack, being the awesome man he is arrived home before four o’clock, and helped me clean clean clean!! Oh, P. helped too! We also did some teensy decorating for fall (more about that in the next post.) – as you can see from Miss. P’s headband, she helped with the yarn. :)
The “Big Girl” in the title is referring to how grown up she is looking to me these days. It is happening more and more subtly for me. No giant growth spurts. No over night stretching. Just longer hair, a pointier nose, bigger teeth, and more and more BEAMING personality. Maybe it’s the bangs too? Her hair kept getting in her eyes, and she won’t keep clips in so I asked if she wanted me to trim her bangs and she said, “Es!”
I feel so refreshed and calm when I go to bed knowing the house is clean, everything is in order, and the to-do list for the next day isn’t such a long list. Hooray for husbands and helpful daughters!
I’m done for the day, I’ll be back with the tidbits of fall d├ęcor in our home tomorrow- and – Grandma Shooie is coming to visit Miss P. tomorrow as well!

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  1. I'm so excited to see her! Everyone at work is sick of me talking about it! ha!


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