Autumn Decorating

Sorry, I’m pretty sure EVERY photo in this post is blurry-ugh.
Yesterday I finally set up fall decorations. Not even close to half of what I used to do for this season, but I ‘m not buying any new stuff this year and my old stuff got, well- old. So it is handmade décor this year for us. I plan on making some little (cute, not scary) ghosts, and maybe a wreath for the door, but my creativity isn’t functioning like it used to.
Penelope wanted a banner in her room, so we made one to go above her bed as well : : :
Today Penelope and I going to do the final touches in the clean-the-house department. Right now she is watching Cars. This is going to be a movie day, because I don’t want to have to clean another tornado before Shooie arrives!  She has toys and coloring supplies in the living room, but her room was a mess! A beautiful mess, it was made from her being creative, independent, and learning, but a mess I don’t want to tackle this afternoon.
Hope everyone’s weekend is wonderful! Photo a day will still be updated, but I won’t have another post until about Monday.

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