Penelope choosing which style of wood floors she prefers.
Zack’s mom came for a visit this weekend! Penelope couldn’t have been more happy. ALL the attention her little heart desired. I’m sure every book was read, every toy played with, every command answered appropriately.
Friday night we ate supper before she arrived, but we all went out for dessert at Yo-Ki-Doki frozen yogurt in town, and Shari put Penelope to bed so we could go out on a date. We ended up going to Lowes and buying light bulbs. Ha!
We began Saturday with a stroll through town, making sure to visit each antique store ( I love antiques!)
Wait. I got that wrong. Zack and I began the day sleeping in, and Penelope began her day playing with Grandma! Then we made pancakes, read a lot of books, talked to Uncle Ben on the phone, and then went for a stroll through town. :)
Penelope is now at the stage where she will sit through book after book, not flipping pages, or closing the book as soon as we begin to read out loud. It’s nice!
We went to Panera Bread Company for lunch in Rolla – per Baby’s request for soup, bread, and good not-so-sweet sweet tea. Followed by shoe shopping for Miss P.’s growing feet.
Crying because she wanted a big girl chair, but was so “rudely” placed in a high chair per Mama’s request.
I’m not sure why I love her cry face so much. It should break my heart every time, but when it’s for a silly reason I can’t help but smile at those sweet curled lips and tucked in chin.
Easy fix – let her flip through photos on Grandma’s phone. High chair forgotten.
We also drove by some houses for sale in St. James (just for fun), to see what to expect if we should end up staying here. We found a house in town and one in the country we LOVE. Although Florida is our dream destination, we wouldn’t mind postponing that dream for a while if his contract is renewed here. Get some experience under his belt with some quality people in a quality town.
Ah, the beach….
Anyway…we tried Country Bob’s restaurant for supper- it. was. delicious. We’ll definitely be eating there more often. Then had a family movie night, watching Cars – woot. woot. – Penelope was thrilled, me…not so much. I did enjoy the cuddling part though!!
Today I am on bed rest –my orders, not the doctors- and Zack has taken Penelope on a hike. Possible future post…?

Happy Sunday!


  1. A delightful time with a delightful girl! (oh yeah...and with her delightful parents, too!)

  2. "Parents? Her parents were there? How could I have missed that?" - Is what you mean, right! :)


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