Zack took Penelope hiking yesterday before lunch. I’m pretty sure she taught him a thing or two. He said it was great, that he got an hour of hand holding and she fell asleep on him for a while- what could be better? She packed some Clif bars and fruit leather in her purse and they brought along a bottle of water for each of them. It couldn’t have been a prettier morning for it.
I was assured that there was ground surrounding her, but this still makes my heart drop…
Enjoying a chocolate chip Clif bar.
What’s better than a Daddy and his daughter? Nothing. That’s what.


  1. She must not be afraid of heights. I'm glad they had fun, but it freaks me out to see her close to the edge of all those rocks! If Zack decides to embark on a father/daughter trek up Mount Everest, I don't want to know about it until they get back safely!!!


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