Last night Penelope had night terrors (scarier than nightmares). I am still not sure what she was dreaming of, but even with the light on and Zack and I talking to her she still would not wake up, but just kept rolling back and forth crying and then calming down long enough to tuck her face under Raggedy Ann’s head, only to begin shaking her hands (in a tired way, like a rattle snake’s tail…?) and crying again. So sad.
Zack decided at about 10:30 that he would go an sleep in her bed with her, hoping that would help, and I think it did. She only woke up crying twice after that. He cam rolling into bed a couple hours before he had to get up for work. I think combined Zack and I got four hours of sleep. Penelope had gone almost two weeks without having a wet diaper, even at night, but this morning you would’ve thought we made her drink a gallon of water before bed! I’d really like to know what made her so scared.
Zack carried her into our bed this morning apologizing to me because she was wide awake, set her down, bundled her under the covers, and handed her two books. So we cuddled, wishing Daddy could be there with us, read two books and then watched curious George on the ipad.
The weather today is, once again, awesome! Cool, breezy, and the sun is shining! In my mind that calls for warm oatmeal for breakfast (or pancakes, cinnamon rolls, waffles, etc.- but I was hungry and oatmeal is quick!), and hot chocolate (chilled for Miss P.) at snack time. Mmmm.
As you can see, I actually put on some jeans and waddled Penelope around the block this morning! I love walks and wish this baby sat a bit higher so it wouldn’t be uncomfortable to take a walk (or owned a dress suitable for autumn weather!). Penelope decided to take her baby instead of sitting in a stroller herself. So independent.
Walks, grocery shopping, and cleaning. I think today has been pretty great. Fingers crossed for no night terrors tonight! We’re going to try and watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas (a.k.a. baby movie) tonight before bed, hoping that will calm her down enough.
Happy Monday!

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  1. Hope the nightmares or the boogeyman or whatever is terrorizing little Miss Pen stays away.

    Wish I could zap myself down there and snuggle up with her and keep the monsters out of her dreams. :o(


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