After debating and debating and doing some more debating on what to get Penelope for her birthday, we decided to get her a child proof iPad cover.  She can watch shows, color, and play games without getting the screen sticky or (most important to me) pushing the button that bring you back to the main screen. Now she can play without me worrying about her deleting stuff or getting into other stuff.
I picked it up this morning, we’ve had it for an hour and I am already glad I got it! It will come in handy on our trips to St. Peters for sure!
Choosing back and forth between PBS shows. She’s very indecisive…just like a woman I guess. :)
I also purchased a small sketch book and some twist-up crayons to keep in my purse for when we’re out and about (doctor’s offices, restaurants, etc.), and some roll-on lip gloss (she DESTROYS chap stick.
Something else new – Penelope received some new shoes this past weekend! These shiny gems featured above, a pair of pink tennis shoes, and the boots featured in the last post. She is definitely going to be a shoe girl like her Aunts!
Her 2nd birthday is in less than two weeks, followed by my 25th birthday two weeks after that, and our new baby girl’s arrival two weeks after that! Its going to be a great and busy next two months!


  1. Perfect gift! She'll learn a lot on that iPad!

  2. oh wow! I'm so in the dark I didn't even know they had this kind of thing! I'll definitely be looking into it soon :)

  3. cutest dang shoes ever! looks like there will be a lot of learning with that new gift :)


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