Homecoming Weekend

It’s Homecoming weekend here. Which starts with a half day at the high school for Zack and a teacher work day today! This teacher work day will be nice and definitely free up our weekend for family time! Tonight is the game and tomorrow is the dance, which Zack is chaperoning. 
It is a gloomy weather kind of day here, in true Missouri fashion. The fog has gone, only gray skies and chili weather remain. Perfect conditions for hoodies, hats, hot chocolate, chili, and a football game! Hopefully it won’t get rained out again! If it does, maybe I’ll do a post on the movie we rent ;), very exciting stuff!
The past couple of days I have been taking it easy and trying to keep the house clean, Penelope has been diligently learning how to dress her baby dolls independently (pesky snaps!) and improving her coloring skills, and Reese has been dreaming of long walks, running through fields, and chasing squirrels.
Okay, Zack has talked me into a hike/stroll instead of sitting on hard bleachers for hours with a toddler, so, that should be fun! We can still wear hoodies and hats and bring some hot chocolate!
It is so fun having a sister. A few posts ago I wrote a snidbit about us visiting houses in St. James, just for kicks, and that we had found two we really liked, one in the country and one in town. Well, my sister called today and said she found two houses that would be great for us in St. James…can you guess which two houses? The girl knows us too well. :) Also, after some talking, we figured out the house in town would be best for us, for multiple reasons. She is so helpful. Hooray for sisters! My brothers are awesome too…but its something entirely different to a girl if she has a sister.
We took Zack out to lunch to celebrate today!
Happy Friday!!


  1. I think you should have taken Zack to Country Bob's for sawdust pie.

  2. He only had an hour from the time he arrived home, maybe tomorrow!


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