Crafty Crafty Weekend

This weekend has been filled with lots of family time. Last night the three of us painted some new pictures for the area above Baby's bassinet. It was a lot of fun having all of us participate! These will follow her when she moves into a crib and begins sharing a room with Miss P.
This morning I made some garland (also above) for Baby’s crib at the hospital. Zack named it Judy, for obvious reasons. :)
We rearranged our room as well, Friday night, and completely re-did our closet. We enjoy it so much more, and I have been spending more time in there since the re-due!
Penelope has been raiding her sister’s closet / / the store for her baby dolls. She squeals every time she sees a baby doll in a new outfit. So cute!
Last night Zack continued with the creative spirit and read through his Dangerous Book for Boys as we watched Planet Earth then proceeded to make a soda can stove. So handy when you want some hot chocolate in the middle of nowhere!
This morning we made an apple pie with cinnamon roll crust –awesome! - and the dough for pumpkin snicker doodles. Baking is so much fun with someone else. Also : : : I realized I will now be unrolling cinnamon rolls and baking them as cinnamon sticks from now on! Much easier to eat and they cook even faster.
Zack watched Penelope all day today, which means: : : Penelope wore her diaper (it was dry…but still…) until 3:30 pm, and her pajamas, and has seen Cars THREE times today. Ha! I think we will not be watching any television tomorrow. Usually she gets one movie after her nap while she plays, but I think we’ll just stick to music.
Well, I am heading back to enjoy the rest of my day on bed-rest!


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  1. That fire thing is scary. Tell Zack to quit being such a pyromaniac.


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