Penelope has her moments, like everyone, but today she has been the cutest, sweetest, most patient little lady. I woke up hormonal, sore, and was having one of those days. Zack had to run over to the school to finish up some grading and such, but Penelope and I made him breakfast in bed before he left. The stove wouldn’t work, so the eggs took 35 minutes, and the waffles kept sticking to the waffle iron, came out not-so-firm and had to be toasted in the toaster oven after being cooked. So, to sum it up, homemade blueberry waffles, scrambled eggs, with a side of hormones and frustration. However., Penelope was AWESOME and never once chanted “EAT!” like she usually does, she just quietly snuck a waffle off of the plate while my back was turned and giggled under her breath. ;)
After breakfast, Zack set up Cars and Penelope and I lied on the couch. Once again Penelope came to my sore and cranky rescue. She lifted my shirt, kissed my belly,  lied her head on her sister and softly patted my belly while whispering “Baby.”
I fell asleep somewhere in the movie and awoke to her dancing with her owl from Uncle Josh, to a scene in the movie. Nothing out of place, nothing spilled on the carpet, the house had not burned down…nevertheless, I felt bad for irresponsibly falling asleep on the clock, so to speak, and hopped up to make an early lunch so we could both go ahead and take a nap. What’s quicker than Ramen? Nothing, right? It took 45 minutes on my stove to cook those packaged noodles! At this point…well, I needed that nap. Penelope had left over noodles with cheese (not mac ‘n cheese) and veggies as I was attempting to cook the pesky Ramen. By the time I was done, she was done. I took one bite and Baby was not having it. I almost threw up. So I put Miss P. down for a nap with two Cars books, her owl, Raggedy, and a cup of water, just to make sure that if she wasn’t tired, she was at least entertained.
I couldn’t sleep.
After trying for an hour I finally broke down and cried and cried, feeling so stupid for crying over such little things. It worked though! I was giddy, pleasant, and down right chipper! After Penelope woke up we headed out to the porch to share a fudgesicle.
Let’s just say “share” is used loosely. She means business. I can’t compete. So, I went in for a second popsicle, determined to eat the majority of this one, but, as you can see by her reaction in the photos above, she dominated that one too. :) How could I resist?
This was all followed by a family trip to the park, which is now followed by laundry, and big ‘ole supper, and more quality Penelope time.

Happy Saturday!


  1. "softly patted my belly while whispering, "baby"." Omg I just got the cutest mental image ever


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